Fátima is a civil parish in the municipality of Ourém (Santarém), located on the Estremenho Limestone Massif, on the flanks of the Serra de Aire, about 300 meters above sea level. The climate is characterised by heavy precipitation during the winter (average of 1,400 mm annually) and warm, dry summers. In recent years, due mainly to climate change, summers have reached temperatures in the order of 40°C and winters negative temperatures.

Brief story about Fatima and the apparitions …

The Parish of Fátima was founded in 1568, after its disaggregation from the Collegiate of Ourem. Until 1917, Fátima was an unknown village which was build in an open field, used for pasture and rain-fed agriculture. It became known worldwide for the Marian apparitions to the three shepherds which took place between the 13th of May and the 13th of October 1917.

About a kilometer away from Fátima lies Aljustrel, the small village where the three little shepherds were born. To the west, near Aljustrel, is the Loca do Cabeço, a tiny cluster of rocks where, in 1916, the Angel appeared twice to the three shepherds…

Two kilometers west of Fátima, lies one of the many hollows called the Cova da Iria, the place where Our Lady appeared five times to the visionaries. In another small valley called Valinhos, between Aljustrel and Loca do Cabeço, is the place, where the Virgin also appeared once.

The construction of the Sanctuary of Fatima stimulated local development and the town of Fatima was elevated to the status of city on 12 July 1997.

The Sanctuary of Fátima encloses an atmosphere of serenity and light, inviting prayers, reflection and harmony of spirit. Regardless of religious belief, no one stands indifferent to the universe of tranquillity and faith that it is found there.