Road Transport

Road transport is, of all available transportation, the easiest to access the central zone of the city of Fátima. The parish is crossed by the A1, the main Portuguese highway, which connects Lisbon to Porto, with an exit 5 minutes away from the Sanctuary and the center. Fátima is also served by another highway, the IC9, which connects Nazaré to Ponte de Sor through the municipalities of Nazaré, Alcobaça, Batalha, Porto de Mós, Leiria, Torres Novas, Tomar, Abrantes, and Ponte de Sor.


Fátima is not served by any train station. The nearest train station in Fátima is Caxarias station, about 18KM northeast, served by the Intercity train (CP) Lisbon-Porto, Lisbon-Guimarães and Lisbon-Guarda. From this station, when an Intercities stops, departs a road service to the center of Fátima.


Lisbon’s Airport is the closest to the city of Fátima, located about 120 km to the south. Some Rede Expressos (bus) lines connect Fátima directly to Lisbon’s Airport.


Distance from Airports

Lisbon’s – 121 Km

Porto’s – 208 Km

Faro’s – 363 Km

Madrid’s – 543 Km